Suckling Lamb

After our disastrous efforts at cooking suckling lamb we would never give any advice about it but according to the t’internet:-

Suckling Lamb is milk-fed lamb that is slaughtered before it is weaned.

It is 30 to 45 days old, and will weigh between 22 and 33 pounds (10 to 15 kg.) The flesh and fat are white and very tender.

It has a very mild taste; some lamb fans feel that it doesn't really have any flavour at all.

Many offal fans rave about the kidneys from Suckling Lamb.

Suckling Lamb can be braised or roasted. For roasting, allow 10 to 12 minutes per pound, plus 10 minutes with the oven door half open. When roasted it will have crispy skin.

The picture is nothing like ours looked.

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