Pigs Cheeks

Pig Cheeks are one of our favourite Spanish/Portuguese cuts of meat, In the UK they are possible, but not easy, to obtain.

The cheeks are bought ready to cook and this is Sue’s recipe which is cooked in the slow cooker for around eight hours.

Before 10.30 am put one Spanish cheek or two UK cheeks per person in a frypan to brown. When brown all over set aside and cook some carrots and onions in the same pan until soft - I asked how many carrots and onions and was told enough for however many you are feeding. Add all to the slow cooker along with a splash of worcestershire sauce, pork stock cube, bay leaves and “ . . . whatever else is in the herb cupboard that goes . . . “.

Sue also adds some prunes for sweetness and when I asked how many I was told “ . . . Oh! I don’t know probably two per person, but don’t overdo it or it will make the dinner too sweet . . . “ 

Sometimes she adds some pearl barley, and if we ever have any wine left from the night before that goes in as well.

Then turn on the cooker. At dinner time serve with fresh bread to soak up the juices and enjoy.

To me and I suspect most men the above is totally incomprehensible but, I expect, crystal clear to all women.

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