Caranguejo e Camarão Arroz (Crab and Prawn Rice).

The crab and Prawn rice we consumed at O’Pescado was, for me, an amazing dish, although it must be said it did not immediately inspire when you first removed lid, there was a pale looking liquid and not much else till you stirred it and saw all the rice, crab and whole prawns. Ours contained two whole crabs (cut into pieces) and lots of very large prawns. When tasted it was delicious with so much crab and prawns that despite our best efforts we could not finish everything - and we can eat for England, as our shape indicates.

Like the fish stew I am pretty clueless as to how this dish is properly put together and cooked and as the ingredients are rather expensive have resisted the temptation to make it up. I will do some research and revisit this page when we have more knowledge.

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