Fuentes Blancos Bar & Restaurant 

When we arrived and were told it was a bank holiday and there were no shops open we were forced to try the site bar & restaurant. Arriving around 8.00pm the bar was packed with locals playing cards and enjoying themselves as only the Spanish can, the restaurant however was empty and we were the only diners although later a French couple came in and sat at the other end of the room. The barman doubled as the waiter and rushed around managing to keep everyone happy with, for a Spanish establishment, surprisingly quick service. There was no menu but the waiter explained that there was soup or paella to start, we had paella which was very good and almost main course sized. Chicken or beef was offered for the main course, Sue had chicken and I had beef, the chicken was 1/2 a small chicken roasted and served with salad and chips, the steak was large but thin and also served with salad and chips. Sue refused postres or pudding as she was so full but the waiter brought her a plate and spoon as he thought she should at least have some of mine.

The food was reasonable quality and plentiful and at just €16.00 per head plus drinks who could complain?

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