Site No 125 - Camping Milfontes.


We visited this site first in 2011 during our first adventure when it was site number 27. Unfortunately when I looked back over my records and on the 1st adventure web site I could find nothing written down about it so will have to start from scratch.

Camping Milfontes is one of three camp sites in the town, two open all year and the third closing for a couple of weeks over the Christmas period, for a town of this size to have that many caravan/tent pitches seems incomprehensible until you consider the area is a summer surfers paradise. Even in the winter with clear blue skies we have been having the past week or two and the turquoise blue sea/river water the area is stunningly beautiful.

The site is just a short stroll from the town centre with (according to TripAdvisor) it’s 32 restaurants and many more cafes and bars.

There are four shower/toilet blocks on the site, although only two are open in the winter. One block has glazed windows and underfloor heating while the other has no glazing and no heating - guess which one we use for showers.

The facilities are in need of a little maintenance and loo paper, soap and towels are not provided although unusually for Portugal there are loo seats and the two open blocks are kept spotlessly clean.

There are laundry facilities on the site with one large and three small washing machines, we think there is a dryer but have not used it. The small washing machine costs €3.50 per load and the large machine €5.50 per load.

Since we were here before a new super dooper swimming pool has been built but is open summer months only.

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