Restaurant at Camping Internacional Aranjuez

We came back from Toledo too tired to cook last night so went to the site restaurant to eat. At this time of year there are not many midweek visitors but three other Brit couples had elected to dine there this night so there was a bit of atmosphere which made the experience more enjoyable. It was a cold evening and there was a patio heater running to take the chill out of the air, we sat near it to enjoy the warmth, as did another couple that came in a short while after us. Unfortunately before the meal was half-way through the heater went from gently warm to damn hot and despite being turned down we were still relieved to go outside at the end.

Our second error of the evening was to chomp on the complimentary bread and aioli while reading the menu 'cos we ate far more than we should

Sue had the “Menu del dia” which was three courses, four choices for each course, she chose pumpkin soup followed by BBQ ribs for the main and because those two courses were so filling elected to have coffee for postres, which as Sue does not like coffee I drank. I selected from the “a la cart” menu and had “Spanish Tigers” to start - creamed mussels in the shell and covered in breadcrumbs. They were delicious but a portion was six, which as each was the size of a giant green lipped mussel was plenty as a main course but double the size needed as a starter. I then had as a main Zarzuela, a dish consisting of a stew with various types of fish and seafood and prepared and served in a clay pot; is typical of the region of Catalonia. The fish and seafood was delicious but the broth in which the whole was served had a very salty flavour which meant that by the time I went to bed I had consumed several days worth of beer and still had a raging thirst.

The meal as a whole was very good although if it was far too large for us, it must have been huge for normal eaters. The bill came to just under €37.00 (£28.98) and includes a bottle of house red.

All in all - good value for money.

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