Site No 129 - Campsite Playa Las Dunas Cat.1


We had planned to stay at this site for just one or two nights but the problem with the Franks caravan water system stretched that to four. The pitches were of a good size and the electricity 10 amps which not only allowed us to use the heating on 2kw (it gets cold at night even here) but the fridge did not complain once about the power supply.

The problem on this site is the water supply, fine if you are sited close to the taps, but they are very few and far between and we were a long way away. Even further away was the black water emptying point - not good.

The shower and toilet block was modern and clean but there was no paper, soap or hand drying facilities provided.

The main, although temporary, problem with this site was access through the town. The ACSI book states there are plenty of signs to the site as you get to town, we found them hard to spot and far from frequent and was tempted to follow the sat-nav. We learned later that had we given in to temptation we would have been in all sorts of trouble as there was a diversion around road works that went through roads that we found difficult in the car and that would have been absolutely  impossible with the caravan on the back. When we left we had to drive a convoluted route around the town that we had pre-planned and driven several times.

The exit from the site while adequate was a little tight for a car and tow of our 12.5m (41ft) length.

The problems we encountered here although not of the sites making has coloured our view of the site to which we will not be returning.

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